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Sharon. Vegan Straight Edge. Nuremberg, Germany.

I can’t even describe how happy riding my new bike makes me.

I’m broke now and I was a little sorry to spend all the money I’ve been saving for so long. BUT it is totally worth it. I enjoy every single minute on this bike and it feels like as if there are no barriers anymore. I can ride almost wherever I want cause this bike is simply a monster! I’m glad that I went for the lighter bike in the end cause it is much easier to ride off road. 

Things I definitely need soon: 

  • mtb helmet (it’s embarrassing to admit but I’m not wearing one yet)
  • bicylce gloves (my hands are really hurting after riding on rocky and rooty trails all the time)
  • proper bicycle glasses (insects in my eyes = worst thing ever)

Don’t know when I’m able to afford all this but as for the helmet I guess I’m going to lend the money to buy it soon… trying to be responsible and all and not crashing my head on some gravel ;)

I love my bike.

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