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Sharon. Vegan Straight Edge. Nuremberg, Germany.
Anonymous asked: You are so worthy of love and support and being cared about. You are an incredible person, and people who get the chance to be close to you should consider themselves lucky to be there. You deserve better things than you've gotten. You deserve happiness. You deserve loving yourself. You are good.


Thanks for the effort. But the actions of those that are close to me and that I care about speak a different truth.

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For we have been through hell and high tide
I think I can rely on you
And yet you start to recoil

So what difference does it make?
It makes none 
But now you have gone

I’m so sick and tired

And I’m feeling very sick and ill today
But I’m still fond of you. 

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Lude Boys // Peyote

“Harsh & Hard Vol 1” Boston Comp Tape

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I wish someone would watch this with me now. 

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I try to make things work and gain something, I’m no use, I’m worth nothing.

I’m waiting and waiting despite knowing there will be nothing and I’ve ruined everything. 

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